New 12 inch MacBook in Gold, Silver and Space Grey could launch in mid 2015

Apple, after launching iPhone 6, is rumoured to roll out a new 12 inch MacBook that could feature a new ultra slim design and retina display. This new notebook or MacBook is likely to come up in some middle months of 2015(previously it was rumoured to launch in mid-2014). Source also says that this new device will get some special iPhone type colours. We are talking about Gold, Silver and Space Grey colours.

A Tech Website says:

A source familiar with Apple’s plans has told A Tech Website that Apple has been working on a new MacBook Air size for quite some time, measuring in at a screen size of 12 inches.

The most fascinating part of this report is that Apple is also planning to change the colours for the first time with an Aluminium MacBook,  the source says that Apple is planning to add Space Grey and Gold colours to their MacBook lineup, which would be consistent with the colours on the iPhone 6.

Stay Tuned!