Budget iPhone will be available in two versions: China

Since the launch of iPhone 5 , we were hearing a bunch of rumours about the low-cost entry level iPhone from apple side, but some sources from apple side claimed it to be a wrong rumour as apple will never gonna deliver any low budget lite iPhone. But yesterday, we saw some images leaked in china of the so called iPhone Lite. The image shows us different iphone colours with poly-carbonate back.

Another thing also rumoured is that there will be two models of this iphone version:

  1. Zenvo
  2. Zagato/Bertone

Zenvo is mucher lighter than Zagato and wil feature 1GB ram with Samsungs H5P dual-core processor and a 4.0 Bluetooth.

Zagato might feature a 1.2GHz H6P dual-core processor with unknown gigs of RAM with the same 4.0 Bluetooth.

Both phones will come with iOS 7 installed out of the box, LTE support and will rool out in 5 different colors.

If this gonna happen , the smartphone market will complete rotate and with the most powerful and completely changed iOS7 , Apple might dominate on its competitors. Lets wait till this fall.