A bluetooth bangle that matches your outfit and alert you for every notification

Here comes a true innovation that will add more beauty to your outfits. It doesn’t matter whether you are running late for your morning walk or for your kitty party, it is always there to help you look good. We are talking about a cute little elemoon. Its a wearable tech gadget that expresses your unique style while you are wearing it. These developers have added a lots of colour to the bluetooth bangle that are enough to suit up with your colourfully designed outfits. You can press the bangle to view various colour and then select one for your desire.

A $200 bangle just to match your outfits?

It is priced for 200$ but it is having a lots more impressive features. Developers, still on Kickstarter, have also embedded 5×15 RGB LED’s on the upper top of this bangle. They also have one app through which user can easily assign a particular notification pattern or design for every single person that is in her contact list. Whenever her phone is away, she will get a notification pop-up on the bangle that was connected to the phone via Bluetooth.

This, being a water splash proof(don’t take it in your pool), will resist a bit of water splashes. By the help of this bangle, one can also locate her mobile phone by rubbing over the bangle. By rubbing, your phone will start ringing if its under the Bluetooth range.

So, a bangle with a price of $200 really worth buying? It depends upon the needs of its user. Just by adding $50 to your budget you can buy Moto360 that got popped-up on Best Buy ahead its official launch. But again, its your choice whether to go for a bluetooth bangle or buy a cute round designed Moto360 or any other Android wear with price tag below $200.

This new device is likely to come out in February 2015 but you can watch how it actually works: