Aircel 3g price cut,now offers unlimited 3G for 1 week at Rs27 and 1GB at Rs128/month

A good news for mobile internet users, you can now enjoy Aircel’s 3G data plan at 2G data price. Aircel announced the decrement in the prices of 3G, you can now get 1GB of high speed 3G at Rs 128 only and for Rs 27 a week, you can enjoy unlimited 3G/2G (depends upon the availability of 3G network) with a fair usage policy till 700MB after that there might be some speed cap or your pay per kb data will become active. Here is the list of plans applicable in various states:

Aircel 3G price cut

aircel 3g price cut


Official statement by Aircel follows:

PI 27 is priced at Rs. 27 and offers unlimited 2G/3G data to the customers with a validity of 7 days. The product offers great value to the customer as the unlimited data offered can be used over a week at a very low price. This data tariff is ideally suited for customers who use mobile internet for social networking, browsing, getting news updates, checking mails, etc.
PI 128 is priced at Rs. 128 and offers its 2G and 3G customers 1 GB data with a validity of 30 days. This data tariff is aimed at customers who use their data for downloading music, playing HD games, mobile applications, live streaming of videos and other high data usage content.