Alleged image suggests fingerprint scanner on Oppo N3’s back, camera will auto rotate

Earlier we showed you one teaser of Oppo N3’s back panel teasing its rotating camera covered with faux leather. Now, you got an image showing fingerprint scanner on the back of this upcoming smartphone. Along with the fingerprint scanner, this new Oppo N3 image also suggests its bigger 5.9″ display, 1080p or QHD(we really don’t know). The best thing that we loved was the officially saying of Oppo. They say:

OPPO N3, to rotate the camera mounted on the power unit, arbitrary, automatic rotation, you can interact with smart rotating camera, you want it to do something?(converted text)

Yes, camera will auto-rotate, all according to your face and positions. Take a look at its leaked back panel allegedly showing fingerprint scanner:
oppo n3 fingerprint scannerIMAGE SOURCE

There’s one more teaser by Oppo that shows the tilted camera piece:(A True Head Turner)

oppo n3

Another GIF image shows its rotating movement, teased by Oppo:

oppo n3


Stay Tuned!