Few alleged iPhone 6 videos shows camera app, Health App and working fingerprint scanner

Less than 3 days to go for September 9th Apple event and here comes a set of alleged iPhone 6 videos that shows the so called “Apple iPhone 6” running iOS 8, for the first time. The first video that we saw showed alleged iPhone 6 camera app running in the wild. The guy behind this video managed to scroll between various different camera options like Video, Square grab, Pano etc. The special effects were also observed while he scrolled in between. All these videos were uploaded by one user on Weibo. Take a look:

Next came another one that even showed the Touch ID usage. This is the first time when this alleged iPhone 6 showed up getting unlocked via fingerprint scanner/Touch ID. Even that passcode field got filled up after he touched the fingerprint scanner loaded over the home button. Take a look:

Remember that small heart located on the top right side? That’s Health app for iOS 8. We got shocked when we saw this new app running on this “iPhone 6”. The user managed to get inside the app showing different features of the app, all written in Chinese language. Take a look:

Lastly, lets go inside the settings tab and increase the volume of this “iPhone 6”. It even plays “Opening” ringtone. Take a look:

NOTE: We are actually not sure about that “too long” minute hand in the clock app. ┬áSee this:

iphone 6 videos

Stay Tuned!