Android L is coming to Xiaomi devices, says Hugo Barra

Another day for Xiaomi and this time, the company’s head, Hugo Barra, has given some pain breaker answers against various question asked in an interview with Digit India. Starting by the affection they have towards Flipkart, covering various questions about the Mi3 massacre and then, following up with some questions regarding the further plans of Xiaomi. The main reason behind the delay of Mi4 in Indian market is the different FDD-LTE version that is only supported in India. The one that is launched in China uses some different LTE band. So in India, that variant will support 3G only network, but they are aiming for 4G/LTE. In India, we do have Airtel’s LTE network across various metro cities.

Now, the most important question that Digit guys went for was the future support of Android L for Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4 and Redmi 1S. The answer given by the Xiaomi Vice President of international affairs now becomes a good news for us.

Q)Last few questions, Xiaomi is known to be a little slow with Android updates. So could we get a timeline for when the Android L update will come?

We don’t have a timeline for L at the moment. We don’t even have access to the codebase, no one does. But of course the plan is to bring it as soon as possible.

Q)But it will be coming to all the three devices that have been announced right now?

That’s the plan, yes. But I can’t give you a specific date yet.

Without giving any timeline for the Android L roll out, they confirmed that we will get Android L on our Xiaomi devices. With Redmi 1S coming out in few days, this news will definitely gonna add some more Android lovers in the registration list.

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