Another iPhone 5S and iPad 13″ rumour, this time by WSJ


iPhone 5S and iPad 5 may be delayed due to a complete change in display size of both, says WSJ. A report coming from WSJ with unknown source from apple says that Apple is in talk with suppliers to get a bigger screens for next generation iPad and iPhone. The new screen size of iPad (the big iPad) ¬†will be 13″ diagonally raher then old 9.7″.


This display upgrade might delay the arrival of next gen iPhone and iPad which is now expected to arrive later this year. Our previous rumour was the production house images of same display size iPhone with same design but today this news has created a lot of confusion about the display size. But what about the release date of iOS 7! Every year a new ios comes with new iPhone only, so a delay in iOS launch date too can be expected.