Apple ask reporters to visit their building for iPhone 6 Plus BendGate check up [Gallery]

Apple has officially invited various tech reporters to visit their factory and check up the complete reliability/durability, BendGate test of iPhone 6 Plus, whether it bends or not. Surprisingly, TheVerge was shown with some different types of machines that focuses over the break-ability factor. They report:

Apple’s answer today, both in a statement and now in these testing facilities, is that the iPhone 6 is tough. It’s made with steel / titanium inserts designed to reinforce potential stress points, a special blend of aluminum Apple formulated itself, and ion-strengthened glass. But more important, Apple says, is that the iPhone 6 has been put through hundreds of tests, as well as tested in the pockets of thousands of Apple employees before consumers ever get their hands on it.

Some of the testing I saw today was what can be considered torture tests, but it also puts the phones through the regular stresses that they might undergo in the wild. That includes being sat on in pockets — and being bent. The idea is to give the phones a lifetime of testing, but without spending a lifetime doing it. Apple was mum on how much the new iPhones can actually take; it pointed only to 25 kilograms, the amount of weight it puts on top of the screen to test it for the bends. Next to a machine that does this thousands of times is a small set of weights: this isn’t actually the full amount of weight the phone can take Riccio says, just what it can handle while being capable of “bouncing back” to its original form. Even so, there are limits.

Gallery of tests:

Bottom Lines:

The bottom line is that if you use enough force to bend an iPhone, or any phone, it’s going to deform,” Dan Riccio, Apple’s senior vice president of hardware.

By ending up, Phil Schiller adds(in case it is not your intention or mistake):

“As we expected, it’s extremely rare to happen in real world use! In this case, as in many things, we tell customers that if you think something’s occurred that shouldn’t have with your device, go to AppleCare, go to The Genius Bar, and let them take a look at it. And we’ll see if your product is having an experience it shouldn’t have, and is covered under warranty.”

Source- TheVerge

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