Apple fixing charger bug allowing fake stations to exploit iPhone

Apple was facing a bug problem in its USB charger through which security researcher can inject software that can hack your iPhone. The three researchers found that problem and demonstrated that at Black Hat convention in Las Vegas. The charger, which took a week to design and cost just $45 in components, contained a small Linux computer programmed to launch an attack on iOS devices.But Apple fixing charger bug in iOS 7.

iPhone charger bug

According to Reuter.”  Apple Inc’s next software update for its iPhones and iPads will fix a security flaw that allows hackers to engage in spying and cyber crimes when the victim connects the device to a fake charging station, the company said on Wednesday

Apple fixing charger bug issue  found in iOS 7. They already did this in 1st beta version of iOS 7 .The work was started by Billy Lau, a research scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and graduate students Yeongjin Jang and Chengyu Song.

ios 7

They said that real-world cyber criminals might build viruses that would give them remote control of the devices. That would enable them to take screen shots for stealing banking passwords and credit card numbers. They could also access emails, texts and contact information or track the location of the phone’s owner, Lau said.

After Apple’s iOS 7 software update, a message will pop up to alert the user that they are connecting to a computer, not an ordinary charger, according to Lau.

iOS 7 is in the hands of software developers and is expected to be released this September for users.