Apple iPhone 5C announced: Pricing, release date and specs, all here

Apple has officially announced its new range iPhone i.e iPhone 5C which is termed as iPhone 5 Child or iPhone 5 Colour but we don’t write it like iPhone 5 Cheap! Apple iPhone 5C is having high quality finished polycarbonate rear body with amazing glassy look at front. The device is launched yesterday and they have more than 2 colours for this device. This time they have 5 different colours named red, yellow, blue, orange and white. For the first time we have colourful iPhone. As revealed by various rumour this device will replace iPhone 5 which we think is not good at all and iPhone 5 user will not gonna like this. Now we will discuss design followed by the specs one by one:

iphone 5c



These polycarbonate phones are designed with some incredible strategies up on the mind so please don’t compare it with Samsung’s plastic material, they are more like what we saw on iPhone 3GS rear panel. Apple claims that these polycarbonate materials are highly recyclable and are highly toxin free materials.

iphone 5c


Apple claims that for a colourful iPhone, they cannot use metal finishing and they have used a fragile plastic which looks killer.

The rich and particular color we wanted to infuse into iPhone 5c simply wasn’t possible with metal. But we had no interest in imitating the typical, fragile plastic phone. So we built iPhone 5c around a steel-reinforced frame that also acts as an antenna. It’s attached to the outer shell in individual pieces, then laser‑welded together to achieve a precise fit. This structural integrity makes iPhone 5c pleasingly solid to the touch — unlike any plastic phone you’ve ever held. iPhone 5c feels as significant as it looks

iphone 5c


Covers for first time

For the first time ever Apple has announced various colourful covers for  iPhone 5C which wont exploit the incredible looks of the device. These covers are finished with highly fine materials and available in different forms. Apple quotes:

At the same time we were designing iPhone 5c, we were also designing cases for it. From the beginning, the iPhone 5c Case was envisioned as a significant part of the colorful experience. Every detail was meticulously considered. Silicone was chosen for the exterior because it’s pleasant to hold and touch. Soft microfiber lines the inside. Precisely drilled holes align perfectly with the speakers on iPhone 5c. And the circle pattern draws focus to the color underneath, creating 30 fun combinations. Even when viewed from the front, the edge of the case is designed not to cover the rim of the phone, but run perfectly parallel to it, allowing both colors to be visible. The result is a case that feels like a part of the phone, not just something designed around it

iphone 5c



Talking about the specifications , consider this phone as iPhone 5 loosing aluminium body, gaining a rich quality plastic material. Other specs are kept identical to iPhone 5. Same power, same A6 chipset, same 4inches Retina Display, same camera and flash but different volume rocker keys.

This phone can be boom boom bang for smartphone market if priced under 30,000 INR but don’t even hope this price tag because a factory unlocked US edition is priced at 549$ and we all know very well about the Indian currency. Expected release date for Indians along with iPhone 5S is mid november or may be in the initial week of December.