Apple iWatch is derived from Nike Fuel Band?

Thomas Bogner has given a very new and cool concept for new iWatch which is derived from Nike Fuel Band and designs of iOS7. Bogner’s Apple iWatch concept features Siri-style voice input for apps like Mail, Messages, and Calandar, and Music control, and features integrated Nike fitness software like Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. In this concept iWatch looks more like a wrist band then like Wristwatch. Till now every smartwatch looked like a wrist watch giving a bulky feeling but this design is above all.

Cook, also a Nike Director, is known to wear the fitness-focused Fuel Band. The executive has praised the product. “I think Nike did a really great job with this,” he said at AllThingsD’s D11 conference. “The [wearables] that do more than one thing… aren’t great,” he added. As a company that prides itself on complete, integrated experiences, the smart watch market is one that Apple likely believes it could dominate by way of iPhone and iPad-like innovation.

apple iwatch

Still this is just a design and there is no info about actually giving it a real shape. But, if this design will be turned in a iWatch then it will be an innovation in the section of Smartwatches.