Apple is planning to launch cheaper iMac along with new macbooks and mac mini says analyst

After cheaper iPhone, Apple is reported to planning for low-cost iMac. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated in his res3earch note that Apple may be preparing to launch cheaper model of iMac in 2014.

Apple iMac costs high to the user, and that might be the reason why iMac recent iMac models didn’t work for them. So, keeping that in mind Apple might be planning for a cheaper iMac.

new macs

Our surveys indicate that Apple’s last iMac model, released at end-2012 with an all-new-design, shipped fewer-than-expected units in the worldwide market. We think the price was set too high and the model failed to make an impact in critical foreign markets like China. We thus think Apple may offer a budget iMac model to push shipments among non-US markets in the face of solid competition from Lenovo (CN), HP (US) and other rivals.
We are optimistic that a budget iMac would boost overall iMac shipments to grow 10-20% YoY in 2014. Kuo has made a rough detail about this iMac :

  •  Apple could ship a cheaper iMac next-year
  • Current iMac did not ship as many units as expected
  • Lower-cost model could help combat Windows desktops
  • Kuo expects this iMac model to boost iMac sales by 10-20%
  • Ship in Q2 or Q3 2014

Tim Cook mentioned earlier that 2014 will be major product year of Apple. In his research note Kuo also predicted about MacBook with retina display. The expectation from this product is:

12-inch MacBook with new design + Retina Display:

  • Smaller MacBook with entirely new design
  • Launching in either Q2 or Q3 of 2014
  • 12-inch screen, but as portable as current 11-inch MacBook Air and productive as 13-inch MacBook Air
  • Higher-resolution display (Retina)
  • Will “redefine laptop computing” once again just like the current MacBook Air design
  • Thinner/lighter than MacBook Air, new clamshell structure
  • Will run on Intel chip, not Apple-based A8 processor
  • Potentially lower-cost than current Apple notebooks

If we look at Apple datasheet now, we can see continuous development n innovation. Apple is going on with the market trends and competition.