Apple wearable to run third party apps: Report

One should never forget about the announcement of iWatch along with an iPhone 6, on September 9th. To add up with the iWatch rumours, 9to5mac has got some serious stuff to show you. According to their sources, this upcoming Apple wearable, which we call “iWatch”, will also get some third party apps support as various social networking sites have already seeded the pre-release version of their apps for wearable devices. All these are under strict non-disclosure agreement. This new wearable will also get its very own AppStore.

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According to them, the new wearable will be announced on September 9 but will only be launched by the end of this year or may be in early 2015. In between this gap, developers will have adequate time period to re-go through their apps and make them better for the wearable device. Same also adds that these new iWatch or wearable device will be much more suitable for the iOS 8’s HealthKit and HomeKit features.

Gurman says this about the Apple wearable third party apps support:

The new Apple wearable will launch early next year, and this will give developers of all kinds ample time to design, build, and polish their own apps by the time the new hardware actually hits the streets. The new SDK will likely have deep ties to iOS 8’s Extensions, HealthKit, and HomeKit APIs. Additionally, the Apple wearable device’s SDK will make good use of the new Continuity, Handoff, and Widgets features for iPhone users to be able to easily transfer content from the smartphone to the wearable and vice versa.


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