Apple will launch something in September, confirms analyst



By revealing its expected revenue, Apple will launch something in september, confirms analysts. Apple is expecting about $35 billion revenue in Q4 of this year.

For Q3, the same month iOS 7 was revealed with updated MacBook Air’s , Apple got a gross revenue of $35 billion. Now, we cannot expect same or more revenue if we dont hope for any iPhone , iPad or Mac devices. Apple will launch something in september, confirms analyst Walt Piecyk from BTIG.

Some analysts said that Apple will launch budget iPhone and iPad 5 in the starting of September following a bigger iPhone later in the same month , followed by Retina iPad Mini in 2014.

Allthingsd also posted a theory by Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty stating the following:

Several signs suggest that new products will ship in the September quarter.

  1. Apple provided less transparency into gross margin influences for the September quarter, seemingly to avoid pre-announcing new products.
  2. Apple provided a wider than normal revenue guidance range of $3B, noting many moving parts in the September quarter.
  3. Apple continues to talk about a “busy fall” which coincides with suppliers ramping iPhone shipments in September and iPad shipments in October.