Asus smartwatch teased on Twitter, coming on September 3

A new era of smartwatches has been expanding since last two years. Following the same, Asus has been reportedly working on a smartwatch which is rumoured to have Android Wear in it. Today, Asus has teased a poster which shows the square dial of one smartwatch that will be unveiled on 3rd of September at Berlin IFA 2014. The punch line says Time has been transformed, and we have changed. This punch line was trapped inside the Asus smartwatch. This upcoming Asus smartwatch is also having a metallic sides as shown it the teaser poster.

Although thereĀ is no single specs that came out from this smartwatch but do expect some basic fitness features. Just like others, we hope Asus will make it compatible with every Android device out there with some Android version limitations. Asus.. Don’t make it like a Gear smartwatch because some people loves it but they don’t have any high end Galaxy device to connect it with.

Stay Tuned!