These are some authentic looking iPhone 6 parts you can obtain by paying $500

Apple iPhone 6 is all set to roll out on September 9 and just 4 days before that “event”, comes some authentic looking iPhone 6’s inside components. These new iPhone 6 parts were reported by CultOfMac, who got approached by some US smartphone repair company. The repair company asked $500 for these hardware parts of the device but source declined to buy them. They have send lots of images showing the key parts of the upcoming iPhone 6. Not only them, but Kyle Wiens, from iFixit, also got approached by the same repair company. Even iFixit guy refused to get those parts. Adding to it, he said:

“I think that Apple’s supply chain has gotten so big that they just can’t keep track of all the parts,” Wiens added. “A lot of these may be factory rejects that went for disposal but were diverted.”



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