The price of 5.5″ higher end iPhone 6 revealed by some operators?

We all know that Apple will reveal two variants of its upcoming next generation iPhone 6. The design of these iPhones is almost similar as per the alleged images that we are reporting consistently. According to this source, iPhone 6L or 5.5″ of iPhone 6, which cloud carry a sapphire display on its front, will reportedly get a price tag of 7710 Yuan or $1255(approx.). These┬árough prices were disclosed by an employee of Telefonica, an spanish mobile operator. OMG, thats insane! But, one important thing that we noted behind this price tag was “Could it be that higher end 128GB 5.5″ iPhone 6 that’s gonna roll out with sapphire glass?” With over $1k price tag(the same price will buy us a new MacBook Pro), Apple would surely gonna add sapphire along with a 128GB storage, making it the higher end model.

What you say?