What if Blackberry introduces fingerprint scanner on trackpad?

Blackberry might reportedly bring those 5 function keys i.e trackpad, call, menu, back and end button in the upcoming phones which would be rolling out very soon. Okay, this is good for them, but what about anything new? A new rumour that has been reported by n4bb will bring back some sense, Blackberry might also introduce fingerprint scanner on its trackpad to help you by making your fingers rest a bit and your transaction would just need a touch of your fingers and you are done.


This rumour has been generated by the help of a patent registered by Blackberry in 2009 which says the following:

“Both [touch pads and finger print scanning] techniques are typically not provided simultaneously in handheld electronic devices. Although touch pads and finger print devices are common, touch pads may have very low resolution, and may use an interpretive algorithm to increase the apparent resolution, whereas finger print devices may have very high resolution. The limited surface area of a handheld electronic device may exclude the use of both touch pads and fingerprint devices simultaneously,”

Stay tuned for more!