BlackBerry Passport’s display can show X-Ray images on 4.5″ 1440×1440 display, accurately

BlackBerry is coming up with a hope to conquer the smartphone market by releasing BlackBerry Passport is near future. Today, this Canada based company has officially described some great new display specifications of Passport device.

BlackBerry Passport’s display will measure 4.5 inches in a complete square shape loaded above the keyboard. The resolution of this new BlackBerry device would be 1440×1440(forming a square). And, this completely different touch screen display will help doctors and patient to get a clear view of the X-Ray reports.

The above image portrays an x-ray of a lung viewed on the large square touchscreen found only on the BlackBerry Passport. In situations where you need a greater view of documents, medical imagery or technical schematics – screen size really does matter.

The 4.5-inch screen on the BlackBerry Passport is 1,440 x 1,440 pixels providing unique clarity and dimensions for a smartphone. Images like the one above, when viewed on other smartphones, can appear not only smaller, but less clear – opening the door to missed information. I’m no doctor, but I suspect having a clear view of the situation is key in reaching the correct diagnosis. In fields, where decisions can be a matter of health or safety, seeing the whole picture in detail is invaluable.

BlackBerry Passport is rumoured to roll out next month with an unknown price tag but you can predict it yourself knowing that its BlackBerry. You should not worry about its crazy size, it fits well in your pockets.