BlackBerry Passport fully reviewed in 28 minutes long video, ahead its launch

We all know what BlackBerry Passport really is. Its incredible design has taken a small space in our minds and every Blackberry fan is eagerly waiting for this design. Earlier we showed you how it can be easily fitted in your pockets, you will be surprised to see that. Next came up the full shot leaked specifications of this Passport. Together these specs make it one of the most powerful device BlackBerry has ever developed. Specs were just amazing.

Now, when we have all those things, we would like to add a full shot leaked review of BlackBerry ahead its official launch. The normal review of any smartphone goes till 10 to 15 minutes, but this “pre review” will entertain you for 28 minutes.

BEWARE: 28 minutes will actually exploit your excitement for upcoming  BlackBerry Passport.

Take a look: