BlackBerry Z30 leaks again, some specs confirms

We all know that Blackberry is now working on a new phablet which was previously rumoured to be of 5″ size but today we got some confirmation about Blackberry Z30 , the so called phablet. Some images showing the battery cover, back panel without battery and back panel with battery has been tagged by Etrade supply over the web. On the front side of the battery plate, it is clearly visible that battery capacity WIll be 2800 mAh and the screen resolution will be 720p with AMOLED or virtual bright colour technology added. HDMI slot or may be mini-HDMI slot was also seen on the side of the battery. Blackberry will soon gonna enter the race of phablets. Launch date is not confirmed till yet.

Blackberry Z30

blackberry z30


blackberry z30 blackberry z30