Blackberry Z30, new A-series device?

BlackBerry Z30

We had known blackberry’s new Smartphone as A10 or Aristo or A series, thought to be blackberry’s brand name but we came to know that Blackberry is naming its Smartphone as New Blackberry Z30, now that makes some sense.

blackberry z30


It already had two flagship Q series (with physical keyboard) and Z10 (with full touchscreen) in the market now including one more would not have made sense. A member , ofutur, from CrackBerry forums posted image of Z30 which is showing the assets folder of a pc showing a folder name Z30:

z30 blackberry

We also got some leaked video of the phone’s tutorial which gives some specifications of the device like:

  • 5.0” AMOLED HD display
  • 2880 mAh battery
  • Expandable memory till 64GB
  • Full touch screen

Video also reveals the interesting shortcuts for typing and it renders 5 icons in a column. Well talking about the name, It has intentionally skipped Z20 and jumped directly to Z30 may be later they may launch any phone in between. But still this is just a leaked OS disclosure how true is this we don’t know. Some UI changes will never make any sense for BlackBerry in OS 10.2, mobile lovers would rather like to see some major additions in Blackberry App World. May be an app which will run Android apps or some type of emulators. With beta release of BBM for android and iOS, we assume that BlackBerry needs much improvement in its flagship devices hardware in order to come back in race. In hope to see Blackberry Z30 with some different sort of thing!