Blackberry Z30 spotted again: Images

Some images of Blackberry Z30 spotted online via CrackBerry which was previously rumoured to be A-series device or Z15 device from Blackberry. The  device is rumoured to launch with another Blackberry Z15 which is rumoured to be a slider phone, same as of Torch 9800 and Torch 9810 ( 2011 released devices from blackberry). The images show a 4G connectivity on the top right of  Z30 phone. Its is also rumoured to have a NFC support. Blackberry Z30 will have Qualcomm chip with 2 1.7GHz Krait cores and a quad-core Adreno GPU supported by 2GB RAM and 5″ AMOLED screen with 1280*720 resolution. It will also have a 2800 mAh battery which can serve you a full complete day( may be not on 4G).

Blackberry Z30 images:

Blackberry Z30 Blackberry Z30 Blackberry Z30


We haven’t seen any specification about Blackberry Z15, but got one image to explain the sliding feature of the device.

BlackBerry Z15 image:

Blackberry Z15