A bug in iOS 8’s predictive keyboard can expose your password

With another updated iOS 8.0.2, comes a new bug that display predictive keyboard’s suggestions for your password. In simpler words, suppose you type “Apple” in your password field continuously for 4-5 times, then the predictive nature of this new QuickType feature will start showing your password over the keyboard. Ultimately your passwords are getting stored in the keyboard’s history, making easier way for some hacker to expose it.

iOS 8 predictive keyboard bug

One user on Apple Discussions says:

“The worst part is that also suggest me other passwords from other services and old passwords that I already change”

iDownloadBlog says:

There’s no doubt this potentially dangerous oversight impacts the security and privacy of iOS 8 device owners. Theoretically speaking, anyone who gets hold of your device and gains access to it can visit websites like Facebook and Google in Safari to leverage QuickType to retrieve parts of the previously used passwords. 

Exclusive Advice:

Start using some third party keyboard and wait till a new fix by Apple. You can even turn off this QuickType feature by going into “Keyboard” option under Settings->General option.


Don’t let anybody use your iDevice. Try to use it some separate room.(just saying..)

Stay Tuned!