Change iOS icons without Jailbreak: Iconical

Tired with the same boring icons on your iPhone, wanna change iOS icons?- Here is the fun. Iconical an app for your iOS device which let’s you completely change iOS icons or customize your apps icon on your phone and that too without jailbreak.Iconical is a new offering for iOS that will take advantage of the URL protocols for over 14,000 supported apps to allow the customization of your homescreen icons. So you can decorate your device the way you want to. For now it is available for iOS7.

change iOS icons


Iconical: Change iOS icons without Jailbreak

So how it works:

change iOS icons

First when you will download this app,it will scan all the app which support this function, means whose icon can be changed with Iconical and you will get the list of them.

You can draw your desired icon from the drawing tool or you can also download from the internet or even your own photos can be used as an icon.

change iOS icons
You can even upload these icons on your cloud so other can see them.

Iconical will be available at $0.99 on AppStore for a week because tomorrow it will be launched after that the price will be doubled. So guys get this app tomorrow and change your Iphone’s homescreen in to totally yours.