These could be some crucial Nexus 6 specs

Google’s upcoming Nexus is not at all confirmed, some say it could be Nexus X, Android Silver, Moto S etc. Forget its name, here’s some Nexus 6 specs that are confirmed by a reliable source, in terms of Android leaks, named AndroidPolice. Here we are talking about 5.9″ Motorola made Nexus device. According to them, this new Nexus device will feature the very same design pattern of Moto X along with elongated display and black coloured speaker grille on top and bottom. Being a 5.9″ variant, we can expect this “phablet” to come up with QHD 2560×1440 resolution display returning 496ppi. It will feature the same aluminium edges that we saw on Moto X.

Take a look at this new Nexus 6(claimed) image showing new app icons on the home screen:

Nexus 6 specs


This new, so called, Nexus 6 or Shamu device will also inherit the very same 13MP OIS camera that we saw on Moto X, with dual-LED ring flash(as claimed by Motorola). The front will reportedly remain same; 2MP. Under its hood, one would also observe a 3200mAh+ battery to nullify the battery suck-up effect caused by QHD display. Don’t worry! It will reportedly get the very same Motorola turbo charging support. In that way, you will get 8 hours of battery in just 15 mins of your precious, bath taking time.

Additionally, they say:

We’ve seen a ton of evidence from multiple sources (and other outlets) to suggest this, while we’ve heard absolutely nothing credible about a smaller Nexus phone this year.

That leaves two options – either Google has somehow managed to keep a smaller Nexus phone a total secret while Shamu leaked all over the place, or there is no smaller Nexus phone. The hope for those who want to join the Nexus party this year without buying a phablet would be that Google would continue shipping the more reasonably-sized Nexus 5.

Stay Tuned!