Download Links iOS 7.0.3 with change log

After the release of iOS7, there have been many critics regarding its performance. There was problem with accelerometer sensor which disabled the reading from gyroscope and compass. There was also an issue regarding “icon fly-in” animation which was making motion sensors slow. And many more problems and bug issues users of iPhone and other devices. But now Apple has updated its iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.3 which brings solutions for all these problems and we also have download links ios 7.0.3 here. Yesterday along with iPad mini and other devices Apple releases this update. So what issues are fixed:

  • ‘Reduce motion’ accessibility feature in iOS 7 by disabling icon fly-in animation.
  • Adds a password generator for Safari and repairs a lock screen bug.
  • Repairs several iMessage bugs that prevented messages from being sent and received and eliminates a VoiceOver glitch that negatively impacted Siri.
  • Accelerometer issue solved.
  •  “Slide to unlock” will not display immediately if Touch ID is enabled.

download links ios 7.0.3

Apart from these update, iOS 7.0.3 brings wikipedia and web search option in the list. If you haven’t received the updated version then you can go through following steps to execute the installation manually: Settings -> General -> Software Update. After this change log, we have download links iOS 7.0.3 here:

Download Links iOS 7.0.3