Facebook QR codes are coming, will help you dig out your correct friend

Remember those black line images that were used to scan the BBM Pin of your mates? Those were QR(Quick Response) codes that was encrypting your BBM pin. The same QR codes will be used by Facebook in near future to help you locate your friends, just by scanning his profile’s QR code with some new Facebook app for your very own mobile platform. Right now in beta testing, these codes that will automatically added to your profile top.

facebook qr codes

Facebook is indeed attracting huge amount of users daily. With billions of users around the world, these QR codes will help you help out the correct profile because while typing your friend’s name on Facebook, there are 100% chances that you won’t find him/her on the first go. This is because your friend’s name is not unique. You can also type out the email address, but Facebook QR codes will be much better.

You can also try this new feature by going to joining Google Play Testing program. Do expect some bugs as it is still in beta testing phase.