FaceTime Everyday: Advertisement

Another ad in everyday series for iPhone 5 from Apple. Apple has uploaded a new ad on its YouTube channel today named “ FaceTime Everyday ”. Previously it has two more ads in same series – “music everyday” and “photos everyday”.Where the latter two talks about the music n photo app respectively face time everyday is about face time app.

Facetime Everyday

Yesterday we saw some serious stuff from Nokia, slamming iPhone 5 camera. May be a revenge or something! This ad features that face time app let you connect to other people face to face. In the ad Apple says, ““every day, more people connect face-to-face on the iPhone than on any other phone.”

Facetime Everyday

In its ad Apple put more emphasis on the feature concentrating on face to face conversation rather than the device. You can see there are ladies talking in sign language, people expressing face to face though they are far away.  And even in low light this works great like shown in ad –the firework and a girl taking in low light. It shows how it makes life lively.

Apple has put the featured app in most simple and appealing manner rather than pointing down other brands with soft and pleasant music.