First alleged iWatch components showed up

Yes, its less than 24 hours and we have got something special to show you. We now have our first iWatch leak in the Apple’s long running rumour line-up. A new set of images that shows iWatch’s Computer Aided Drafting(CAD) drawing has been leaked by some reddit user. These new iWatch components in CAD could be fake but they actually look authentic as one can easily observe a small watermark of Quanta beside the image.

Source says:

Will have a mic, speaker and Siri. The flexible multi-touch screen will add a new dimension to the UI. There won’t be any lightning connector or other ports. battery will last over a day. waterproof to about 20m. 8 models will be announced – 4 ‘colors’ 2 sizes. Timeline not yet finalized. Mass production is scheduled to start in January. This is the most complex and expensive product to manufacture to date. 

Either Apple has developed a new type of “Siri” or you can also expect a WiFi chip along with NFC chip loaded on this device. We have had earlier reports on the two different size variants. The rest will be clarified tomorrow, right here only.

iWatch Components

Stay Tuned!