Forget HTC M8, take a look at concept version of HTC M9

With an amazing design of HTC M8, various designers have started building the concept design of HTC M9. Hasan Kaymak, mixing up all the available patterns that can be added to a smartphone, has made a premium looking metallic HTC M9 concept that thinks of a very far by future. You cannot expect this phone or even similar to this for next year release, but we can expect it for 2018 release. With its solid metallic body, thinnest bezels and incredibly innovated back panel, everyone will desire to get his hands on this device. You cannot locate a duo camera set on its back, rather they have a new auto focus shutter below its rear camera. Forget dual-LED flash, the guy is showing triple-LED flash that adds one more colour to the flash light of HTC M9.

htc m9 htc m9

Not only images, HTC M9 also got captured in 1 minute 3D video showing it from every angle: