FreeKall will free up your calling bills but advertisement will interrupt your call

Leading up from previous generations of hardcopy banner which we still  see while travelling from one road to other street, advertisement is the soulmate of every organisation in today’s environment. There are different ways through which they can promote themselves. We all have mobiles, tablets, even smartwatches are growing, so why not pull some advantages of mobile advertisement. FreeKall is an online community which help you lower your calling bills by providing you some in-between call advertisement. FreeKall is an intermediate between caller and advertiser. Advertiser pays -> FreeKall provides -> Free calls to user( keeping his earnings aside).

You just need to dial this number- 08067683693 (don’t dial it right now, they will implement this service from 15th April) and your call will be disconnected. Just after few seconds you will receive an incoming call which will prompt you to dial your desired number and you will be connected after a short advertisement and while you are on line, it will show you advertisements after every 2 minutes of call duration. Registered members can make a free call till 12-minutes( 6 advertisements) and unregistered ones can go till 3-minutes.

Lets see whether it will attract a good number of users or not. Don’t forget to visit FreeKall’s Website on 15th April.