Google Android One India launch this September

Remember that 100$ android phone that might land up with dual-core processor? Back in June, when Sundar Pichai announced that they are working on Android One series of smartphone which will deliver a mid-range tech specs under $100. He also said that India will be the first country where this Android One device will be hitting towards.

Today, IndiaToday has officially confirmed that September would be the release month of these affordable Android One devices which will be rolled out by leading India smartphone companies like Micromax, Spice and Karbonn. They said:

According to sources, Google and its partners will launch three Android One devices in September. The devices are “more or less ready” though the specific launch date is yet to be decided.

One thing that is holding the launch back is the price. Google wants to hit the $100 price point. During the I/O Pichai had hinted that Android One devices would be available for as low as $100. However, the hardware partners are not sure of meeting this price point and want a higher price tag for their phones.

Negotiations between Google and its hardware partners are still on and the companies are likely to reach a compromise soon. Sources say that prices for the devices slated to be launched in September are not yet finalised but the phones may cost more than Rs 10,000 (over $150).

If its under $150 then they do have Xiaomi as one of their biggest rival. Android One smartphones will have dual-core processors along with 1GB RAM and 4.5″ qHD display. Sources also suggest that at least one device will also get Snapdragon 200 processor. But, what if India is already having Xiaomi Redmi 1S which runs on 1.6GHz Snapdragon 400 processor with 1GB RAM? Instead of qHD, they have HD display with much more ppi’s. So, the question is Xiaomi or Android One? Also, Xiaomi Redmi 1S will have 4G/LTE option.

Stay Tuned!