Google Nexus 5 leaked image along with specs

Google Nexus 5 leaked image along with specs has been posted by @evleaks on its official twitter account. Along with the image it also showed November 1, which is probably its launch date. Those who were waiting for the white variant of Google Nexus 5, this is a good news for them. And November 1 is also not too far. The same source was also able to find some spicy specs of the device which was mentioned in one of its tweet. Nexus series belongs to Google, they just bring some amazing specs mobile which is always pocket friendly in terms of money. Image:

Google Nexus 5

nexus 5

Now lets talk about the specs of this device. @evleaks today, in one of its tweet, gave the official specs of Nexus 5. Take a look at this image:

Nexus 5 Specs

nexus 5 specs

Previous leaks revealed the image of White Nexus 5 which was printed on the box. And @eveleaks is well known for their confirmed and trusted leaks. So just wait till Friday.