Google Play ahead of AppStore in downloads but still Apple leads in revenue

For the first time ever , Google Play ahead of AppStore in downloads. Its true, we got a detailed report on this. According to the data analysed by App Annie , in the Q2 of this year , Google Play got 10% more app downloads as compared to the number of downloads in Apple’s ¬†AppStore.

play store leads App Store


But while comparing the total revenue earned by them from there respected store , Apple got 2.3 times more revenue than Google. A short bar graph explains:

play store leads App Store


As a unbiased customer, one can also think that there tons of mobile companies making android phones , from Samsung to Micromax, the never ending list. You think of a phone and a new company is already set-up in china which even provides a quad-core phone with 1080p, 5″ inches display with 2GB of RAM under 200$. Now coming to Apple , we just have 3 broad categories i.e. iPhone, iPad and iPod which runs on iOS and only these devices are able to download apps from AppStore.

Play is also having more free apps as compared to AppStore , so certainly more number of downloads. But coming on to revenue factor, one can think that Apple is also having tons of developers and for Android it is far less. Revenue factor is directly dependent on the number of developers. More devs, more apps eventually more revenue.

App Annie added:

Games continued to dominate the share of revenue for both app stores, and still accounted for a greater share in Google Play where it comprised over 80% of revenues vs. roughly 75% in the iOS App Store. While country rankings remained relatively stable, there was significant movement in a number of categories during Q2 2013:

  • The substantial growth of Music and Social Networking apps helped drive iOS App Store revenue.