Google Smartwatch coming in next few months: WSJ

The Wall Street Journal reported that Google Smartwatch will be infront of us soon. Planning is going for the mass production of this watch and the mass production will start within months. After Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, many companies has queued themselves for the launch of their Smartwatch like, Google, Apple etc.  And we talk about Google’s Smartwatch, it is reported that it will run Android and feature Google Now integration, citing a person familiar with the development.

Google Smartwatch

google smartwatch

Another feature which will be their in this device is that it will able to link with devices like Smartphone and can retrieve information from them through user’s email or Google Now. WSJ also says that Google has been working hard to provide decent battery life on its smartwatch, though the bar has not been set particularly high since Samsung’s Gear only lasts for about one day on a charge.