Here’s to the limited edition Phunk Studio HTC M8 that is not for sale

HTC has revealed a newly designed limited edition Phunk Studio HTC M8. This new M8 is ‘as it is’ in terms of its specifications but seems to look like some dragon’s stuff from rear side. These are just 64 units in number in which 32 units are gold and rest 32 are silver coloured. These newly designed Phunk Studio editions are made to promote the studio’s upcoming event called “Wonderment”, so don’t get to excited to buy this new HTC M8 as it is not meant for sale, says Engadget. Don’t get disturbed, Engadget will receive one of that and will add it on its giveaway list for its loyal users. There are some chances that these devices would go with some celebrities working with Phunk Studio only. They also got one brief video to show up this new stuff: