HTC to bring Android Lollipop update for M8 and M7 within 90 days

HTC has finally revealed the Android Lollipop update timeline for its One M8 and One M7 devices. This new Android Lollipop update will be rolled out within 90 days as starting from the date of this article. Taiwan based smartphone innovator has officially tweeted this message for their fan audience. @HTCUSA says “We have the Android Lollipop code. We’ll be updating the HTC One (M8) & (M7) within 90 days from today”.

We have also seen some alleged Sense 7 images that were reportedly showing this new Android Lollipop running on some flagship(later proved fake). Some sources also said that Android Lollipop will be running over some updated Sense 6 version only.

Stay Tuned!