HTC Fetch: a GPS tracking device

HTC fetch- Another phone from HTC??? NO. It’s a tracking device that link with your phone.

In June there was news that HTC has applied for the trademark “Fetch”. Since then we were thinking what is it?

The following is what is quoted on the trademark application:

Portable multifunction electronic tracking device for assistance in locating mobile phones, Smartphones, cellular phones, portable computers, tablet computers, and personal digital assistants and wireless handheld digital electronic devices for communicating, recording, organizing, transmitting, manipulating, storing, and reviewing text, data, image, and audio and video files; computer software and hardware for tracking phones; computer hardware and software for assisting users in tracking and locating people and objects (Source:
Today HTC Fetch BL-A100 is found for pre-order on UK retailer Clove’s website. It’s a GPS enabled tracking device which help you to track your stuffs with the help of your Smartphone.

HTC Fetch

htc fetch
This is not the first “find my stuff” sort of device someday before we told you about Tile which is also a lost and found type devise and same way it also link with your Smartphone. Size of both may differ but still both of them are related.


The HTC Fetch has GPS and Bluetooth connection (according to BL-A100). Its is available in low price around $40.

Still we don’t know about within how much range it’s going to work, will it be better than other devices which are already available? Whether it’s going to work only with HTC or can be linked with other window’s smartphones? We have still so much questions. Well we hope that Fetch can help us find our keys, wallet, dog, and other important things in much fast and better way in fewer prices. Stay with us we will be updating you.