HTC new ad costs $1 billion, thanks to Robert Downey Jr.

We perviously embedded a short clip of HTC “Big Things Ahead”¬†which might have shown us a glimpse of HTC One Max, upcoming phablet from HTC to compete with Sony Xperia ZU and Note 3, and a super hero named as Iron-Man, Robert Downey Jr. , who just comes out from some helicopter.HTC new ad screenshot:

htc new ad

Now, that advertisement is official with full length video available on youtube showing various changes in HTC. HTC new ad costs $1 billion for its complete production as we have a Richie Rich fellow for the future of the company. So finally we think that HTC is actually searching a new expansion of the term HTC by showing us various different places at various time periods. Lets see Robert coming out of the helicopter! :