iMac 15,1 and Mac mini 7,1 visits Geekbench, this is what they got

Both these new Macintosh, iMac 15,1(late 2014) and Mac Mini 7,1(late 2014), have already already made their first appearance on Geekbench test with some unserious scores. The Retina iMac was able to score 3883 points in single core test and 12421 points in multi core test, on Intel’s quad-core i5-4690 processor combined with ~8GB RAM. The model no is indeed iMac15,1.

imac 15,1 benchmark

macmini 7,1 benchmark


The next one was Mac Mini 7,1(Baseline) that got 2790 points in single core test and 5420 points in multi-score test, all on dual-core Intel i5-4260U processor combined with ~4GB RAM. Both these macs were running 64-Bit OS X Yosemite 10.10.0 at the time of this test. These were some initial scores and the full performance of these devices are not solely dependent on this.

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