iOS 8 Safari now supports PNG images

Missing that animation fun yield by PNG images? Good news is that the new iOS 8 Safari now supports PNG images and of course, the animation part too. APNG, very less heard, is a type of format that provides much better colour and transparency effect if compared to the famous GIF extension.

ios 8 safari png

NOTE: Above image will show animation in iOS 8 Safari browser 

What is APNG?

The Animated Portable Network Graphics (APNG) file format is a non-standard extension to the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) specification. It allows for animated PNG files that work similarly to animated GIF files, while supporting 24-bit images and 8-bit transparency not available for GIFs. It also retains backward compatibility with non-animated PNG files.

Till now, only iOS 8, Firefox browser and Safari loaded in OS X Yosemite can take advantage of this rear PNG file format.

Stay Tuned!