iPad 5 leaked images compared with iPad 4

Yesterday Apple launched its two new iPhone 5S and 5C. In that Showtime we got 5th Generation iPad5’s 100 new high resolution photos. Previous reports said that Apple will unveil its new iPad in the month of October this year. Till now we have got so many leaks about this new iPad. Yesterday, Sonny Dickson, which is popular for Apple’s product leak revealed high resolution photos of iPad from various angle and also picture showing comparison between iPad 5 and iPad 4. Finger print sensor is still a question for iPad5, new photos doesn’t give much idea about this.

iPad 5 leaked images

ipad 5 ipad 5 ipad 5 ipad 5 ipad 5 ipad 5

So what we know till now is:

  • 9.7 inch standard screen
  • 6.7inches across
  • Slimmer version
  • Fingerprint sensor(may be)

For tons of more images, visit SonnyDickson