“iPad 5” rear panel leaked: Images

Firstly it was iPhone 5C , and now its iPad 5. Yes, “iPad 5” rear panel leaked in china with some good quality images. The images seems quite impressive in terms of new design. After looking into the teardown of present iPad mini, we can also say the leaked images are exact replica of iPad mini but with 9.7 inches of screen. We are actually not confirm whether this panel is real or made by any fake Chinese agency to gain publicity over web. Images follow:

ipad 5 leak

ipad 5 leak ipad 5 leak ipad 5 leak


After working on this design, FanaticFone also disclosed the measurements of the panel of iPad 5 and compared it with previous gen iPad. With dimensions of 24×16.8 cm, it weighs only 100 gram and border distance is much shorter than iPad 4. The volume keys now have some extra space between them, the speakers are now neighbour of charging dock, apple logo is now in silver not in black.

This iPad 5 is rumoured to be launched in end of September, following the launch of iPhone 5S and 5C or may be at same time ! Stay tuned for more.