iPad 6 will upgrade screen resolution and iPad Mini will be equipped with Retina Display: Analyst

A news coming from a so proved authentic source ( C Technology)  that sixth generation iPad will receive a much bigger screen resolution update along with iPad Mini to be equipped with Retina Display. However, there is no such news for iPad 5 which will most probably be revealed on 22nd October at Apple’s Event. This report is coming from KGI Securities  analyst Kuo Ming-Chi, although the retina display is not mentioned for iPad Mini 2 but we have already seen from various authentic sources that iPad Mini 2 will indeed have a retina display in order to compete with handy tablet market which are now getting equipped with much higher resolution than iPad Mini available in the market.

We also got some gold coloured iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 leaked images from same source, image follow:

ipad 5 ipad mini 2


Kuo Ming Chi reported the following:

“Although rumors Apple may launch within the next year 12-inch or larger screen of the iPad, but we believe that 9.7-inch iPad is still the largest screen size, this will not be changed. First 12-inch screen of the iPad does not have a good portability, followed by current technology subject (product yield), “Kuo Ming-Chi in the report denied the first big-screen version of the iPad’s authenticity. For the sixth-generation iPad, Guo believes that “its screen pixel density than iPad5 increased 30-40%, while benefiting from Sharp IGZO screen technology, will bring a better viewing experience.”

( translated via google translate)

Stay tuned for more info on upcoming iPads.