iPhone 5C prototype showed up on Ebay, buy it now

iPhone 5C components are already spotted before its official debut in various colours but you can even buy them officially on ebay with some US dollars. Ebay listed iPhone 5C white coloured components on its official US site making it for $355 for bidders, which we know is not at all cheap. The information listed on the website is as follows:

This is a REAL PROTOTYPE of the Apple iPhone 5C! This includes the back housing of the soon-to-be released iPhone 5C! This is non-working phone. This version is the white version, I do have more colors. I have  a few more back housings to put up once this one sells. If you are interested in the details be sure to message me. Also if you bid on this item and win, and want a different color, send me a message and I’ll see what I can do!




iPhone 5C price ebay prototype

iphone 5c price ebay

The guy claimed that this is the actual prototype of iPhone 5C and we can even get several available colours on request.