iPhone 5C video, different colours showed up

A video uploaded on YouTube shows the five different colors of iPhone 5C which includes yellow, green, blue, white and pinkish red. iPhone 5C video somewhat look authentic now. So the “C” in iPhone 5C is not ‘China’ Not even ‘Cheap’ but it might stands for ‘Colors’. The black version that was leaked before seems to be fake. So we can characterize iPhone 5C as “Budget Phone”, “color phone” and of course” the plastic “.

iphone 5c video

The colors of iPhone are all pastel like those we saw in Nokia Lumia series except the white. Hence the black color of this phone reported to be false so we go with these 5 C’s.

iPhone 5C video

Now if we talk about iPhone 5S it has three colors white, black and Gold. The Gold color is launched for the first time in iPhone, till now we have seen only Black and White iPhones. But the white color on iPhone 5S is still not confirmed.

Uptill now we have had a lot of rumors regarding both iPhones. In September, with the launch everything will be clear.