iPhone 5S coming for Rs2500 per month in India, on contract with Reliance

As we know today we have the official announcement for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C in India and there is good news too for iPhone lovers. Just like on-contract thing in USA, Reliance will offer the same thing in India. RCom to offer iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C for Rs 2500/month and Rs 2800/month respectively on a 2 year contract basis and by paying Rs 2800 per month you can enjoy unlimited calling, unlimited SMS along with unlimited fair usage 3G, HBL reported.

iphone 5s reliance

They added that:

Under the scheme, the 16 GB iPhone 5c, priced without subsidy at Rs 41,900, will be available for a monthly fee of Rs 2,500 while the 5s, priced at Rs 53,500, will be on offer for around Rs 2,800 a month. The 32GB version will come with an upfront fee of Rs 10,000 in addition to the monthly charges. The 64GB model, priced at Rs 71,500 off the shelf, will be on offer for an upfront fee of Rs 18,000.

RCom will start this offer from 2nd of November and we expect thousands of booking on same day if this report really works out. A subsidized iPhone is always a dream of every Indian. In US, we have to pay 199$ as a down payment for 16GB but in India 16GB iPhone 5S is free, you just need to pay a monthy rental of Rs 2800 for iPhone 5S and Rs 2500 for iPhone 5C. And yes, these phone’s will be network locked by Reliance, which means you cannot use any other sim card on that iPhone.