iPhone 5S dual led flash confirmed

iPhone 5S dual led flash? Another leak for Apple iPhone 5S, which confirms that it will have double LED flash. The upcoming 7th generation iPhone expected to be officially announced on 10 September, 2013.

The design of this Phone is expected to be unchanged while it will come with double LED flash which seems to be smaller than the regular Xenon flash. The pill shaped design is where the flash will be placed.

iPhone 5S dual led flash can fit in these components

iphone 5s


iphone 5s iphone 5s

Leaked schematics obtained by AppleInsider in June showed that the “iPhone 5S’ will feature the larger window to the right of the camera lens and rear microphone, covering two LED flash components. The current iPhone 5 features a single LED flash. The camera of iPhone 5S is rumored to be upgraded up to 12 megapixels with higher quality image.